Newsgroup: alt.sources

Newsgroups: alt.sources
Path: icdoc!dds
From: (Diomidis Spinellis)
Subject: Ransom note program (Postscript)
Message-ID: <>
Followup-To: alt.sources.d, comp.lang.postscript
Keywords: ransom note postscript font
Organization: Dept. of Computing, Imperial College, London, UK
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1992 15:28:06 GMT
Lines: 206
Content-Length: 4688
Archive-name: ransom
Submitted-by: Diomidis Spinellis <>

This is a small postscript program you can use to create ransom notes.
Enter the text you want between the brackets at the beginning of the
script and send the whole file to a postscript printer.  The text will
be printed using many different fonts, sizes, orientations, and
styles.  You can modify the margins and the fonts used, by modifying
the source.

Have fun,


#! /bin/sh
# This is a shell archive, meaning:
# 1. Remove everything above the #! /bin/sh line.
# 2. Save the resulting text in a file.
# 3. Execute the file with /bin/sh (not csh) to create the files:
# This archive created: Wed Apr 29 16:26:39 1992
export PATH; PATH=/bin:$PATH
echo shar: extracting "''" '(2867 characters)'
if test -f ''
	echo shar: will not over-write existing file "''"
sed 's/^X//' << \SHAR_EOF > ''
X% Ransom note writer.  Version 1.00
X% (C) Copyright 1992 Diomidis Spinellis.  All rights reserved.
X% You can use and copy this program as long as the notice above
X% remains intact.  Modified copies must be clearly marked as such.
X% Send comments, threats, corrections etc. to
X% Put here the ransom note you want
X% Use the | symbol to generate new lines.
X/note (Mr. Diomidis Spinellis|
XThis is a message from an international terrorist group.  
XWe have abducted your files and have hidden them away.
XYou must pay $500 by Sunday afternoon in order to see them again.  
XYou will receive further telephone instructions.
XDo not notify the police or any authorities; you will endager their life.|
XRemember: time flies!
X) def
X% Left margin position
X/left 30 def
X% Right margin position
X/right 510 def
X% Line advance
X/lineskip -40 def
X% Print the string
X% string ransom -
X/ransom {
X	{chr ransomchar}
X	forall
X} def
X% Convert a character code to a string
X% int chr string
X/chr {
X	( ) dup 0 3 index put exch pop
X} def
X% Draw a black filled box for the bounding box of the character
X% char box -
X/box {
X	gsave
X		gsave
X			true charpath pathbbox
X		grestore
X		1 add /ury exch def
X		1 add /urx exch def
X		1 sub /lly exch def
X		1 sub /llx exch def
X		newpath
X		llx lly moveto
X		urx lly lineto
X		urx ury lineto
X		llx ury lineto
X		closepath
X		0 setgray
X		fill
X	grestore
X} def
X% Display a single ransom character
X% character ransomchar -
X/ransomchar {
X	dup (|) eq {
X		pop
X		crlf
X	} {
X		randfont 20 random 30 add scalefont setfont
X		dup
X		gsave
X			5 random rotate
X			3 random 1 sub 3 random 1 sub rmoveto
X			dup ( ) eq {
X				[ {show} ]
X			} {
X			[
X				{ show }
X				{ show }
X				{ true charpath stroke }
X				{ true charpath 10 random 20 div setgray fill }
X				{ dup box 1 setgray show }
X			]
X			} ifelse
X			randarray exec
X		grestore
X		stringwidth
X		pop 0 rmoveto
X		format
X	} ifelse
X} def
X% Return a random value 0 <= r < int
X% int random int
X/random {
X	rand
X	exch
X	mod
X} def
X% Return a random element from the array
X% array randarray any
X/randarray {
X	dup
X	length
X	random
X	get
X} def
X% Return a random font
X% - randfont font
X/randfont {
X	[
X		/Times-Roman
X		/Times-Bold
X		/Times-Italic
X		/Times-BoldItalic
X		/Helvetica
X		/Helvetica-Bold
X		/Helevetica-Oblique
X		/Helevetica-BoldOblique
X		/Times-Roman
X		/Times-Bold
X		/Times-Italic
X		/Times-BoldItalic
X		/Helvetica
X		/Helvetica-Bold
X		/Helevetica-Oblique
X		/Helevetica-BoldOblique
X		/Courier
X		/Courier-Bold
X		/Courier-Oblique
X		/Courier-BoldOblique
X	]
X	randarray
X	findfont
X} def
X% Do a carriage return / line feed
X% - crlf -
X/crlf {
X	currentpoint exch pop
X	left exch moveto 0 lineskip rmoveto
X} def
X% Move to a new line if we are at the end of it
X% - format -
X/format {
X	currentpoint
X	pop
X	right gt
X	{crlf}
X	if
X} def
Xleft 700 moveto
X.5 setlinewidth
Xnote ransom showpage
if test 2867 -ne "`wc -c < ''`"
	echo shar: error transmitting "''" '(should have been 2867 characters)'
fi # end of overwriting check
#	End of shell archive
exit 0

Diomidis Spinellis    Internet: <>    UUCP: ...!ukc!icdoc!dds
Department of Computing, Imperial College, London SW7     #include "/dev/tty"
Diomidis Spinellis    Internet: <>    UUCP: ...!ukc!icdoc!dds
Department of Computing, Imperial College, London SW7     #include "/dev/tty"

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